Our specialities are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are chosen day by day with utmost respect for our fish seasonality.

Seafood and fish crudités

Raw seafood platter (6 varieties) * 25

Sea bass tartar “alla puttanesca”  ( capers, oregano, tomato confit and Taggiasca olives) *18

Salmon tartar with salmon caviar, burrata cheese and Nori seaweed powder *18

Yellowfin tuna tartar with ginger and avocado * 18

Oysters Fine de Claire selection (6 pcs) 24

Scampi with pineapple, squacquerone cheese and pink peppercorns* 20

Amberjack carpaccio with sea urchin foam, crackerina and yellow cherry tomatoes* 18


Cold platter (6 varieties)* 20

Octopus tentacles with Teriyaki sauce served with carrot air and carrot chips* 18

Salmon sashimi with beetroot and rice chips with greek yoghurt* 18

Thornback ray “all’acqua pazza” with tomato brunoise, cucumbers and basil* 16

Yellowfin tuna tataki with mustard, sesame and Tropea onion jam* 18

Marinated anchovies with our vegetable jardiniere* 15

Swordfish carpaccio with vegetable spirals* 16


Salmon coda nera riserva with 7 cereals bread and sweet butter 20

Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea with burrata cheese and crusty bread of Altamura 18

Siberian Noah caviar (10 gr) with french butter and toasted bread 28

Platter of crustaceans with fruit and pinzimonio (vegetable crudités)* 38

Pasta dishes

Whole grain passatelli with squids, pumpkin cream and courgettes* 16

Chitarra made of semolina with sea urchin served with cherry tomatoes and crumble di tarallo* 18

Tortelloni with ricotta cheese and shrimps in butter emulsion* 16

Seafood carbonara tonnarelli with crispy swordfish* 15

Homemade tagliatelle with fresh tuna ragù and Pantelleria caper powder* 15

Mountain potato gnocchi with clams and mullet bottarga* 18

Homemade tagliolini with lobster* 22

Seafood and fishes

Charcoal mixed grill* 22

“Vagabondo” fried seafood with crispy vegetables and chips* 18

Sea bass millefeuilles served on potato purèe with lemon and glasswort 18

President’s salad with squids, shrimps, mixed green salad and piadina (flat thin bread)*     18

Gratinated crustaceans and shellfish* 22

Sardines scottadito with radicchio and Tropea onion 16

Grilled squid with rocket, cherry tomato and toasted almonds* 18

Catch of the day (grilled, baked or in potato crust) hg 5,5/6

Side dishes

Mixed green salad or only salad leaves 5

Roasted potatoes with herbs 5

Potato chips* 5

Steamed leafy greens  5

Vegetable crudités, extra virgin olive oil and salt 6


Tiramisu in a glass  7

Pistachio cream with dark chocolate, granola and berries  7

Piedmontese cream with salted caramel and black cherries 7

Baba with lemon cream and strawberries 7

Crispy wafer with Italian-style Chantilly cream and dried fruit   7

White chocolate parfait with cacao soil and passion fruit sorbet 7

Seasonal fruit salad  6


Coffee sorbet € 4

Lemon sorbet € 4

Forest fruit and Porto sorbet € 5

Green apple and Calvados sorbet € 5

Passion fruit and rum sorbet € 5

Tangerine and Cointreau sorbet € 5

Chiama Ora