Our specialities are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are chosen day by day with utmost respect for our fish seasonality.


Cold fish starters

Grilled octopus with potato pie and dill
Tuna tataki with poppy seeds , mustard and honey millefiori
Roll of piada (flatbread) , desalted anchovies, chees stracchino branded of Centrale Latte Cesena and rocket salad.
Catalan crustaceans
Steamed sea bream with citrus fruits and mixed salad

Main courses

Ravioli with braised vegetables, shrimp tomatoes and thyme
Mezze maniche (a kind of short cut pasta) with white ragout

Second courses

Sea bass fillet grilled with vegetables

Lemon sorbet cream

Price per person (minimum for two)

drinks not included 40.00


Assorted rawfish * 25

Poké of sea bass (cut into cubes) with exotic fruit sesame, and soy sauce * 16

Scottish bio salmon tartare with Tzatziki sauce * 16

Carpaccio of Greater Amberjack with citrus fruits and pepper berries * 16

Oysters Plein de mer 21

Tuna tartare with burrata and basil pesto * 18

Prawn carpaccio with green apple and ginger * 21



Assorted fish cold starter of the Nautical Club (8 varieties) * 20

Tuna tataki  with poppy seeds , mustard and honey millefiori *16

Cuttlefish in a jar with crispy sweet and sour vegetables *15

Catalan crustaceans with  pinzimonio (sticks of raw vegetables, oil,vinegar, salt) , fruits and tomatoes * 35

Grilled octopus with potato pie and dill*15

Steamed sea bream fillet with pomegranate, celery and beetroot mayonnaise *14

Сhicory with Adriatic salt anchovies *12

Roll of piada (flatbread) , desalted anchovies, chees stracchino branded of Centrale Latte Cesena and rocket salad *8
Salmon carpaccio with soy sauce and Greek yogurt * 15



Salmon ingots with oriental aromas, vegetable chips and orange soy sauce * 13
Breaded squid with pachino tomatoes and basil * 13

Stewed cod with onion, tomato and green olives * 13

Mix of 6 cold and 2 hot appetizers  * 20


Risotto alla marinara  (the old traditional recipe of Rimini ) * 14

Tagliolini with squid and violet artichokes   * 14

Panceri of Monograno Felicetti with Canadian lobster * 20

Spaghetti of monograno Felicetti with tuna sauce and caper powder * 15

Fagottini (dumplings) with ricotta from Cesena, shrimps and butter * 15

Rigatoni Senatore Cappelli Felicetti with sea carbonara * 15

Potato dumplings with clams cream and mullet bottarga * 18

Ravioli with braised vegetables, shrimp tomatoes and thyme* 15


Mixed fried of calamari, prawns and vegetables * 18

Mixed fish grill by Nautical Club  * 22

Grilled Sea bass with seasonal vegetables * 18

Piadina  with sardines, mixed skewers and mixed salad * 15

Grilled squid with spinach * 18

Gratinates of scallops, cannelli and scampi 20

Grilled squids and prawns skewers * 17.50

Tempura prawns and vegetables skewers * 16

Swordfish slice with salmoriglio souse and salad * 20

Mediterranean Catch of the day or grill (Bass, Turbot, Umbrina )  5.5 per 100 grams


Fresh tomatoes,  buffalo mozzarella,origan  10

Selection of meats and cheeses with jams *12

Spaghetti Monograno Felicetti with tomato and basil 10

Strozzapreti with ragout from the Romagna tradition 10

Cheese ravioli with melted butter and sage *10

Grilled Irish Entrecòte  * 15

Hamburger with fries * 10


Mixed salad 5

Mixed salad with tomatoes and carrots 5

Steamed herbs 5

Baked or fried potatoes 5


(sticks of raw vegetables:

celery,carot, cucumber with sauce of oil,

vinegar, salt and pepper) 6


Creamy pistachio with crumble cocoa and berries 6
Namelaka with hazelnuts from Piemonte with chocolate fudge 6
Open crispy cannolo with cream and fresh fruits 6
Semifreddo zabaione with gianduja ice cream 6

Puff pastry with butter, apples, dried fruit and English cream 6
Catalan cream with orange and cinnamon 6
Kiwi sorbet 6
Fruit salad 6


SCoffee sorbet 3.5
Lemon sorbet 3.5
Sorbet with wild berries and Port wine 5

Green apple sorbet with Calvados 5
Sorbet with passion fruit and Rum 5
Mandarine sorbet and Cointreau 5
Tris of sorbets 6


Dark chocolate with a glass of 12-year-old Pedro Ximenez Sherry 7
Cup of ice cream with chocolate 5

Accompany your dessert:
Passito 5
Moscato 5

Service and covered 2.5

Chiama Ora