Our specialities are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, which are chosen day by day with utmost respect for our fish seasonality.

Seafood and fish crudités

Plateau Royale of raw seafood * 28

Tuna tartare with egg mousse, capers and gherkins * 22

Salmon tartare with beetroot waffle and yogurt mayonnaise * 22

Scampi with spheres of lime and pink peppercorns (5 pcs) * 26

Cod carpaccio and guacamole * 22

Oysters Fine de Claire selection (6 pcs) *

with shallots, vinegar and tabasco     24

Red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo with its umami
and burrata cheese *      24


Plateau Royale of cold appetizers*     26

Grilled tuna with sesame and onion jam*  22

Marinated swordfish carpaccio
accompanied to our pickled vegetables*      20

Savory crème brulée with prawn bisque*   18

Breed Fish “all’acqua pazza” with homemade Russian salad*   24

Grilled octopus with soft potatoes*    22

Citrus salmon heart marinated
with sweet butter and black bread*    22

Marinated lampara anchovies with slices of piadina*    16

Steamed mantis shrimp, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and parsley*    20


‘‘Baltik’’ Premium Isole Faroe Salmon Bar,
its eggs and black bread      24

Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea
with toasted bread            20

Siberian caviar Noah (10gr)
with French butter and toast       30

Creamed cod with puffed ‘‘pacchero’’ cannolo        20

Pasta dishes

Tagliolini with lupine clams and chickpea and rosemary puree* 18

Potato and sea bass ravioli del plin
with pumpkin cream and bacon powder* 19

Paccheri Pastificio dei campi di Gragnano with lobster*  25

Wholegrain crepes with San Patrignano ricotta,
spinach and cod*     18

Square spaghetti from the fields of Gragnano
with garlic, oil and mullet roe*      20

Beaten pasta with mantis shrimp broth*      18

San Patrignano’s ricotta tortelloni and prawns with
butter and fish stock*        19

Strozzapreti with cuttlefish, turnip greens
and toasted breadcrumbs*     18

Seafood and fishes

Potato-crusted sea bream fillet with rosemary and olive powder*    24

President’s Salad*   19

Salmon pavé with lemon fennel and dill*   24

Grilled sardines with mixed salad, Tropea onion and piadina*  20

Sliced calamari with cherry tomatoes and creamed peas*   20

Fish fry with vegetable sticks*    20

Charcoal grilled mixed fish*    25

Baked fish of the day with seasonal vegetables     hg 7

Shellfish and crustacean au gratin*    24

Prawns in tempura with vegetables and sweet and sour sauce*   20

Monkfish in porchetta with dehydrated prunes*   22

Side dishes

Mixed green salad or only salad leaves 6

Roasted potatoes with herbs 6

Potato chips* 6

Steamed leafy greens  6

Vegetable crudités, extra virgin olive oil and salt 6


Pear pastry with cinnamon ice cream and Sangiovese cream *   7

Fior di latte soft brulée *    7

Orange ingot, saffron and 72% dark chocolate *    7

Deconstructed “Zuppa Inglese” *    7

Pistachio parfait with waffle cubes and berries *     7

Crunchy wafer with diplomatic cream and fresh fruit *    7


Dindarello – Veneto IGT bianco passito     6

Picolit – Colli orientali del Friuli DOCG     8

Pedro Ximénez – Sherry 12 anni       6
(Don Zoilo Williams & Humbert)

Passito della tenuta – Albana passito DOCG    6
(Tenuta Masselina)


Coffee sorbet € 4

Lemon sorbet € 4

Forest fruit and Porto sorbet € 6

Green apple and Calvados sorbet € 6

Passion fruit and rum sorbet € 6

Tangerine and Cointreau sorbet € 6

Chiama Ora